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Welcome to Saori C. Jewelry Designs!

Jewelry designer Saori C. creates delicate, feminine fine handcrafted jewelry and bridal jewelry collections in silver, gold, pearls, and gemstones. Custom orders are available.


All of our pieces are handmade to order in our Seattle, Washington, USA studio.

spice up your day

handcrafted designer earrings

attention to detail

artisan handcrafted bracelets, rings, and silver baby spoons

something to cherish

fine handcrafted necklaces

wedding jewelry 

Fine Pearl Bridal Jewelry
tools for artisan handcrafted fine jewelry

Traditional Crafstmanship

Unlike many jewelry designers today who merely assemble cast or bought components, every piece of Saori C.'s artisan fine jewelry is individually handcrafted, allowing her designs to be of a uniqueness and style not found in those that are mass-produced. Metal designs are fabricated piece by piece--hand-cut, hammered, and forged--not cast in bulk. Gemstones and pearls are selected not just for their beauty and quality; the role each will play in its piece is also carefully considered. Textures are painstakingly applied; completed pieces lovingly polished. All to create a look that is stylish, artistic, and classically modern.

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