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About Saori, Jewelry Designer

Traditional Craftsmanship and Modern Designs

The handcrafting of our fine jewelry starts at the jewelry bench
where our hancrafted jewelry gets its start

It was here that Saori rediscovered her artistic talents. After an unsuccessful search one Christmas for a gift for a good friend, she decided that she would make her own. The small silver and garnet necklace drew such praise, both from her friend and from her friend's friends, that Saori kept making them. Soon she began selling them, first to friends and then to local stores. She studied with well-known local artist and metalsmith Lynne Hull, learning traditional metalsmithing and jewelry-making techniques and developing her own unique styles. She has never looked back.

Sought after for their fresh and exciting styles by discerning customers and photographers alike, Saori's fine artisan gold and silver pieces have been feaured in many national magazines. For more details, please visit our press page.

All of Saori's jewelry designs are available exclusively on, and are proudly made in our Seattle, USA, studio. For more about our studio philosophy, please click here.

Saori was born in Japan and began her artistic career at a young age when she discovered a love for the piano and for classical music. The delicate flow of classical pieces became a lasting influence, and can be seen in the subtle curves and shapes of many of her pieces. As she got older, Saori began to develop an interest in European and American culture. She attended Miyazaki University in Miyazaki, Japan, majoring in American studies. While at the university, she spent a year studying in the United States at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. After returning to Japan for a few years, she came back to America to marry her long-time boyfriend in Seattle.

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