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About our Bracelets, Rings, and Baby Spoons

Delicate Shapes and Beautiful Lines


Saori C. Jewelry Designs is proud to introduce our new collection--stunning  bracelets, rings, and brooches for her, even delicate silver spoons for baby.


Saori creates her bracelets to complement the natural lines of your arms and wrists, whether exposed fully by a sleeveless dress or coyly hidden behind a cuff. Her beautiful rings range from the elegantly simple to the strikingly intricate, yet have a quiet subtlety that will not dominate your hand. Her brooches are designed to accent and complete, not to overwhelm. Their delicate shapes and beautiful lines can be either the perfect finish or the perfect start to your ensemble.  

Handcrafted artisan bracelets, rings, and silver baby spoons

Having a Baby?
Are you or someone close to you expecting a baby? It's an old European tradition to give newborns silver spoons to bring them luck. A gift of one of Saori's little silver baby spoons is a truly special way to express your affection to someone close to you and to share with them and help them celebrate the most important moment of their lives. These beautiful handmade pieces are gifts that you will be proud to give and ones that will be treasured forever.


Looking for a Custom Piece?
Much of our jewelry can be customized to your tastes and needs. If you are interested in a design but in a different metal or with different gemstones or pearls, or in a completely different design, please contact us.  

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