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About our Earrings

Earrings that Spice Up Your Day


Sometimes all it takes to spice up your day is a great little pair of earrings. Whether fresh and modern or elegant and sophisticated, whether dangling from slender French wires and swinging as you walk or snugly nestled against your ears on delicate studs, earrings light up your face and complement your look. 

Saori takes pride in designing earrings that both look great to the eyes and feel great to the ears. The beautiful colors of gemstones and the lustrous hues of pearls combine with metal textures ranging from gracefully sparkling to elegantly mirrored to form exquisite designs. Ear hoops are shaped completely by hand to ensure they are comfortable; French ear wires are sized to match the earring, so they don't hang unattractively back from the ears. Careful consideration determines the exact positions of ear posts, which are then complemented by fine secure nuts.

Any of Saori's pieces that you choose will reflect and complement your individual style. From the beauty of gold and sterling silver to the finest gemstones and cultured freshwater pearls, Saori's earrings are crafted to be wearable works of art. Appropriate for day or evening, they will quickly become favorites.


Looking for a Custom Piece?

Many of our earrings are available in different combinations of gemstones or pearls. Please check the listing of the style you like for more information. If you don't see the combination you are looking for, many of our earrings can be custom ordered! Please send us an email at for more information.

Our fine handmade jewelry collection features elegant black pearl earrings
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