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About our Necklaces

A Symphony of Style and Color


A signature feature of Saori's necklaces is the visual symphony of style and color they present. Each stone and pearl is selected and arranged carefully by hand to show off its natural beauty, in styles ranging from a simple single strand to a striking pendant suspended from a delicate handcrafted chain to a gorgeous three-strand choker. Saori's  delicate and intricate works of art in gold and sterling silver wire combine the vibrant colors of gemstones and the soft lustres and hues of pearls to give her pieces a precious new life. Whether the design is of a single delicate shade, a perfectly matched set of complementary hues, a progression of color from the lightest hue to the deepest, or a striking contrast of transparent and opaque, these colors come to life in a necklace that is truly special.

All of Saori's necklaces are completely handcrafted all the way around--not just in the front--and never use machine-manufactured chains. Therefore her pieces require greater skill and a higher investment of labor and time to make than many available today. Also, because the pattern of the necklace is continued all the way around, Saori's designs have more gems and pearls than those where the design only makes up the front of the piece. Saori's necklaces are beautiful from every angle, not just from the front but also from the sides and back. Show off your beautiful neckline with one of Saori's necklaces! 

Looking for a Custom Piece?


Many of our necklaces are available in different combinations of gemstones or pearls. Please check the product listing for more information. If you don't find the combination you are looking for, many of our necklaces can be custom ordered! Please email with any questions.

Our stunning handcrafted necklace collection features stunning one-of-a-kind custom gold jewelry

Get the right size!


Please remember that not everyone's neck is the same size! The sizes of all of our necklaces are listed on their respective pages; please make sure before you order that the size is right for you. Most necklaces can be done in longer or shorter lengths if desired; please email with any questions and for pricing.

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