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Turquoise Jewelry
Ciel et Soleil Turquoise Necklace
Baby Doll Turquoise Necklace_new
Baby Doll Turquoise Necklace 1
Ciel et Soleil Garnet and Turquoise Necklace1

Since ancient times turquoise has been prized for its fine blue or blue-green color. The name of the stone comes from the French word Turquoise, which means Turkish, and turquoise has been an important part of Arab and Islamic jewelry for centuries.

Some believe that turquoise has the power to warn the wearer of danger or illness by changing its color. Giving turquoise as a gift also supposedly brings success and happiness to the recipient.


Turquoise should be treated with care because it is relatively soft stone; scratches and sharp blows should be avoided. Also, keep your turquoise away from acid, household chemicals, and hot water to prevent damage.


Turquoise is a favorite of Saori's (it's her birthstone, after all!), and is her personal good-luck charm. Please take a look at our featured turquoise necklaces and earrings!


Our turquoise jewelry has been featured in Country Weekly magazine!

Fabulous Turquoise Jewelry

More about turquoise:
It's December's birthstone, and is found in the Middle East, Australia, Tibet, the United States, and Latin America.
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