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Proper jewelry care will ensure your handcrafted jewelry lasts a lifetime

Over time your sterling silver piece will naturally begin to develop a delicate silvery-gray patina. Some people love this color and the antique feeling it gives to a piece. However, if you prefer a bright shine, there are a few ways to maintain your piece's original luster. 


  • To maintain the original luster of your jewelry, we recommend wiping your pieces with a soft cloth after removing them. We recommend using a non-abrasive silver polish cloth at least once a month to maintain your jewelry in like-new condition.

  • Although perhaps inelegant, the best way to protect your sterling silver jewelry from oxidation is by keeping the piece stored in a sealed plastic bag when not being worn to keep out the air. 

  • When oxidation does occur, you can use a silver polish cloth to restore the original shine. You should not use abrasive polish, as it will damage the stones.   

  • Pearls can lose their luster after coming contact with perspiration. An occasional gentle wash in lukewarm soapy water will restore their shine.

  • Chlorine can severely damage precious metals and gemstones, and can cause stones to become loose in settings. Please avoid swimming pools while wearing your jewelry.

  • Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color of stones to fade. Please avoid storing your piece in direct sunlight.


All of Saori's pieces are made to last, and with the proper care can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Jewelry Care

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