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Amethyst Jewelry
Amethyst Necklaces
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Instinct Pearl and Amethyst Necklace_new2
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Many cultures considered purple to be the color of royalty and therefore this beautiful purple stone was used by many ancient cultures in treasures and ornaments. Amethyst was also featured in the jewelry of many medieval Catholic bishops and popes, as well as kings and queens.


Amethysts are rumored to calm the dispositions of those who wear them and some believe that placing an amethyst under the pillow when sleeping will encourage pleasant dreams and improve memory.


Saori's amethyst pieces are inspired by the works of ancient and medieval craftsmen that adorned the lords and ladies of eras past. Her unique designs reflect these traditional styles, yet also embody the modern flair and aesthetic that is Saori's trademark. Her amethyst jewelry is sensual and elegant yet pure in feeling. Please take a look at our featured amethyst necklaces and earrings!

Magnificent Amethyst Jewelry

More about amethyst:
It's February's birthstone, and is found in many parts of South America, as well as in several African countries.
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