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Garnet Jewelry
Small Peapod Garnet Earrings
Vision garnet & black onyx necklace1
Bewitched Garnet Necklace_new
Vision Garnet and Black Onyx Necklace_new

Garnet has been used in jewelry since ancient times. Although deep red garnet is the most well known, garnet also comes in other colors ranging from green to orange-brown. The word garnet comes from the Latin word granum, which means grain or seed, and it was quite common in Byzantine jewelry.


Garnet has a long and colorful history. Ancients believed that garnet protected the wearer from nightmares and from evil. Because of its blood-red color, garnets were used as bullets in some areas because of the belief that it would cause more serious wounds.


Garnet is a durable stone that is excellent for jewelry and Saori uses garnets both alone to show off their attractive red color and in combination with pearls and other gemstones to create the exciting and stylish contrasts that are a trademark of her work. Please take a look at our featured garnet necklaces, earrings, and rings!

Romantic Garnet Jewelry

More about garnet:
It's January's birthstone, and is found in India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Europe, Thailand, and other areas.
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