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Bon Bon Black Pearl Hoop Earrings


As promised, the companion piece to the Reign Black Pearl Necklace: Saori C. Jewelry Designs' Bon Bon Black Pearl Hoop Earrings. This set can also be done with our handmade French wires, but this version, with its heavier, hand-forged sterling silver hoops, is my personal favorite.


Bon Bon Black Pearl Earrings

StartFragmentAs I mentioned in a previous post, this version, in stunning black pearls and sterling silver, is the original, but we sell lots of these in white pearls to brides and bridesmaids as well. And for everyday wear, these also come in delicate pink pearls. Like those of the Reign Necklace, the sterling silver caps are hand-forged and hand-hammered - a lot of work goes into the detail and design of these earrings!


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