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Thanks for Another Great Year!

Hi all,

We here at Saori C. Jewelry Designs just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and to thank all of you for your continued (and increasing!) support that has made this year our most successful ever. We couldn't do it (obviously) without our wonderful customers!

This year saw some changes for us. We upgraded and expanded our production space, which will allow us to increase the breadth and depth of our jewelry offerings starting in 2015. Now that the economy and the metals market have calmed a bit, we will also be introducing more high-end lines and individual pieces for our customers. Keep an eye open for them!

Unfortunately, with every positive comes a negative. Early in the autumn, our beloved shop mascot and doggy friend Peppa the standard poodle passed away after a long fight with cancer. Everyone feels his loss, and we all agree that the shop is just too quiet without him. Still, we know that he is happily running around in Heaven, playing in the snow like he always loved to.



Thanks again to everyone for all your help (and for the wonderful kind emails and cards about Peppa), and we are all looking forward to helping you find your perfect jewelry in the new year!




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