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What We Like About February

Hi there,

It's almost February, and that means two of our favorite things here at Saori C. Jewelry Designs - Valentine's Day, and amethyst, February's birthstone.

First off, I wanted to remind all the guys out there (as if you need reminding, right?) that Valentine's Day is only a bit over two weeks away. Now I know that you've planned out everything already, and in fact, have had it done for weeks, but just in case, now's the time to get on it if you're slow to start. Need a last-minute gift? Drop us a line, and we'll see what we can do.

Now a bit about amethyst, from our own Magnificent Amethyst Jewelry guide:

"Many cultures considered purple to be the color of royalty and therefore this beautiful purple stone was used by many ancient cultures in treasures and ornaments. Amethyst was also featured in the jewelry of many medieval Catholic bishops and popes, as well as kings and queens.

Amethysts are rumored to calm the dispositions of those who wear them and some believe that placing an amethyst under the pillow when sleeping will encourage pleasant dreams and improve memory."

Pretty cool, right? In addition to being a memory-improving, sleep-helping, fount of purple awesomeness, amethysts are also really hip right now. If you haven't yet got on the amethyst bandwagon, now's a good time to jump on up and ride! We've got lots of great amethyst pieces, just hit up the link above and check them out!

And what comes after Valentine's Day? Why, Spring, of course! And what does Spring mean? Weddings! Stay tuned!


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