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Fall Weddings!


Hi all,

One of the biggest trends we've noticed here lately at Saori C. Jewelry Designs is that more and more brides are choosing to have their special day in the fall. Spring is still big, of course, but weather that is often just as good, more availability, and frequently lower venue prices have made autumn weddings a common thing. Just think, beautiful autumn foliage as a backdrop, or even a beach wedding on a beautiful Indian Summer day... you can't go wrong!

Fall weddings also provide the opportunity to use color themes that are maybe a bit non-traditional. Browns, rusts, and other autumn colors look great as wedding theme colors. And why stop with flowers and tablecloths? Your bridal jewelry can also be done in those same colors. Unlike many other designers, Saori C. Jewelry Designs offers pieces to complement a wedding color theme for any season, and can also do completely custom pieces to suit any design, idea, or whim. Interested? Drop us a line at!

One of our favorites pieces for Fall - the Ceres Necklace in brown and pink pearls.