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My First (Japanese) Jewelry Book

Here's another great book from the Saori C. Jewelry Designs library. Chokin no Gihou: Jewelry Design (彫金の技法ージュエリーデザイン, Jewelry Techniques - Jewelry Design) by Yoshihiko Shioiri.

This was the first jewelry-making book I ever acquired; when I first became interested in jewelry making and metalsmithing, my father (a craftsman in his own right) sent me his dog-eared copy from Japan. The funny thing is, my being interested in jewelry rekindled my father's interest in arts and crafts, and he eventually demanded the book back so that he could use it. The copy in the pictures is a more recent addition bought to replace my father's original.

This book has great information on metalsmithing and jewelry-making techniques, and was a big help for me when I was just starting out as it's (obviously) in Japanese. At that time, not long after I had moved to the US, it was great to be able to compare the terms and techniques in this book with what I was learning in English and to make connections between the two. I still refer to it quite frequently, and my copy is starting to look almost as well-loved as my Dad's.

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