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The Art of Twisted Wire

At Saori C. Jewelry Designs we take pride in the fact that we make everything by hand, from settings to wire to chains. Many of the decorative and gallery wire styles we make are actually made up of wires of various gauges that are twisted together and then flattened in the rolling mill to produce their distinctive patterns. By varying the number and gauge of the wires, the number of times the wires are twisted together, and to what thickness the twisted wires are flattened, we can come up with a great many different styles and designs.

Twisted Wire Close-up

The transformation can be pretty dramatic, and the finished product often looks quite different from the parts we started with. So that we can accurately reproduce them, we make sample sections of each style in copper first, and carefully document exactly how many wires and of what gauge went into them. So, when we go to make them in gold or silver, we can get them exactly right. There are a lot of steps, and it can get complicated.

Twisted Wire Templates

As you can see, every one of these samples has a tag with a lot of information on it. All the info required to reproduce the piece is on the tag - the number and gauge of the wires used, the number of rotations (twists) in our rig used, and the final thickness to which the piece is flattened in the rolling mill. This allows us to recreate each design as often as we want, and to get it exactly right each time.

Twisted Wires

See you next time!

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