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Silver Baby Spoon Design Process, Part 1

I thought I'd go over some of the steps we take when designing a new line or a new piece of jewelry. Today, I'm working on something special - a custom silver baby spoon for my brother's wife, who will be having a baby this summer.

Pencil silver baby spoon designs

My design process always starts with a piece of paper and a pencil. I need to see the designs down on paper and play with them a bit before I can start creating them in precious metal. So as you can see I've come up with four contending designs, with "love" as the main theme (represented by several different incarnations of the heart shape in the handles and the bowls of the spoons). I also plan to include the baby's birthstone in the piece as well.

The next steps will be to play with the designs a bit more and do some test fabrication. Still not sure which design I will ultimately go with; you'll have to wait and see along with me. :)

See you next time!

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