Silver Baby Spoon, Part 2

So I've picked the design I'm going to make for my sterling silver baby spoon, and it's time to get started. In keeping with the "love" theme that I want to go with, this piece will feature two heart-shaped domes that overlap, so to start I'll mark the shape on sterling silver sheet.

I want the hearts to have a textured finish, but once I shape them and put them together it will be difficult to apply, so I'll do it now. The trick will be not to mar the finish later in the fabrication process.

OK, done and cut out. Looks good, right? Later, I will carefully shape them.

Next, I'll twist the silver wire for the body of the spoon.

After forging and adding a hammered texture to the spoon bowl, I've got my primary components taken care of. The stone is a faceted peridot, which I will bezel-set a little later in the process.

Next time, I put them all together. See you then!

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