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Silver Baby Spoon, Part 3

Welcome to part three of my baby spoon project!

Now that I've got the major pieces fabricated, it's time to put the finishing touches on them and start putting them together. But before that, there is an important step that I don't want to miss: hallmarking. Before I solder the spoon together, I am going to stamp the bowl with both the "sterling" hallmark and our own Saori C. logo. As well, I will be stamping the baby's birth date on the back of one of the heart-shaped pieces. Doing this later in the process risks damaging the finished product.


Now that the stamping is done, time for the heat. First, the bowl and the shaft are soldered together.

Soldering the spoon

Soldering done, the piece looks like this. Time for cleaning.


While those pieces are cleaning, I'll cut a little bezel for the faceted peridot using the tube cutter.

Tube cutting

OK, I've done the final shaping of the heart pieces and added a little bit of embellishment. Here's how they look.

Final pieces

We're almost done; all that's left is the final solder. See you next time!

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