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Silver Baby Spoon, Part 4

Welcome to the final entry in our silver baby spoon series! For those of you just joining us, I have been making a baby gift for my brother and his wife, who have just welcomed their first child.

Now that all the pieces are made, it's time for the final solder. Here are all the components, including the the faceted peridot I will use (it's the baby's birthstone); note that the peridot is just in the bezel to test the fit, I will of course remove it before soldering all the pieces together.

Sterling silver spoon pieces

After assembling the heart, I'm ready to put the whole thing together. Notice the staining around the solder joints and the bezel - that's to protect the existing solder from flowing again when I do the final solder.

Final solder prep

Now the fire. I use a charcoal block here to solder on because it dissipates the heat under the piece very quickly; further protection for the places I've already soldered.

I bring the heat

After the soldering is done, all that's left is to set the stone.

Soldering complete!

Aaaaaaand finished.

Sterling Silver Baby Spoon with Faceted Peridot

A final polish and it's in a box and off to my brother's.

And that's it! Thanks for following along with this series, I hope you enjoyed it.

Talk to you soon!

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