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Jewelry is rapidly becoming one of the most important parts of the bridal ensemble. At the same time, though, brides are also looking to get more out of their wedding jewelry. Even though your gown and veil might go into a box the day after your wedding day, your jewelry doesn't have to. Wedding jewelry isn't just a keepsake, it's something that should be enjoyed time and time again. That's why it's especially important to take the time to select the right piece.


The first thing to do when it comes to selecting wedding jewelry is to look around - there are many different styles to choose from. Many brides want wedding jewelry that they can wear after their wedding as well. Although pearl jewelry is the most popular choice among brides, there are plenty of alternatives. So think ahead - consider your everyday style and fashion as well as your wedding attire.


Still having trouble finding the right piece? You might consider having your wedding jewelry custom made. Many designers will do this, and even though you'll pay a bit more, it's a great feeling knowing that you didn't have to compromise your ideas to match something that just wasn't quite right - your bridal pieces are designed just for you, and are one of a kind. Keep in mind that the designer you choose to work with will want to know any ideas you have in as much detail as possible, and will most likely also want to see your dress (or a picture of it) as well. It's a good idea to be prepared.


Here are some other hints and tips for selecting your bridal jewelry that will help ensure that you look perfect on your special day:

Wedding Jewelry Guide

The Aria pearl pendant necklace, made with stunning natural white pearls

It's important to remember that even though all natural pearls are described as "white," they aren't the stark, bright white of the faux pearls that are widely available in bridal boutiques. True natural pearls are a beautiful, warm, off-white color, and they will provide a wonderful accent to almost any wedding dress, even those in ivory tones. Faux or glass pearls can be a less expensive option, but be careful - colors vary greatly and one designer's "white" or "ivory" may be completely different from another's.



Natural Pearl Color


Your wedding gown's neckline is one of the most important things to consider when deciding what style of jewelry to go with. Many gowns these days are designed  with open or low necklines, which can be easily accented by a wonderful necklace and framed by delicate earrings. If you have chosen a gown with a closed or high neckline, a pendant style necklace is a great choice. For gowns with heavily beaded necklines or straps, some brides will forgo the necklace completely and focus solely on the perfect pair of earrings.




Another important factor in selecting your wedding jewelry: Will your wedding be casual or formal? Although casual weddings don't necessarily mean casual jewelry, simple tends to be the way to go. For formal weddings, often something larger and more elegant is called for - a gorgeous fan-style pearl necklace enhances your traditional bridal ensemble and makes you feel a little more glamorous in the process.



Casual or Formal

The old saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" has been an important wedding tradition for years. If you're having difficulty finding something blue for your wedding ensemble, here's an idea: Add aquamarine or blue topaz to your jewelry. The subtle and delicate hues of these stones will give you a look that is fresh and light. Apatite has also recently become popular. For a stronger statement, the rich deep blue of sapphire or iolite makes for a marvelously graceful appearance.



Something Blue

This stunning bridal necklace has something blue and works great for either casual or formal weddings
Handcrafted bridal jewelry to match your wedding color theme

Having a color theme gives you the freedom to design a unique and individual look for your wedding while at the same time enhancing the overall glamour of the occasion. By applying color to the right places - be it your jewelry, the bouquet, the table settings, or something else - you can add to the beauty and style of your special day. For example, if your wedding's color is burgundy, bring it out in the bridal ensemble by adding a touch of the rich, wine-red tone of garnet to your necklace or earrings. If springtime colors are more your style, the delicate lime green tone of peridot in your jewelry will perfectly accent a pastel bridal bouquet.



Your Wedding Color Theme

For another unique jewelry option, try colored pearls. Delicate champagne, pink, or even rich brown pearls can provide a stunning accent to a wedding dress. Consider combining colored pearls with stones such as carnelian, citrine, and peridot to make an even more striking combination.



The Beauty of Colored Pearls

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